Welcome to Foundations Academy Towne Lake!

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Welcome to Foundations Academy at Towne Lake!  We strive to teach the whole child using a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that not only focuses on academics but also fosters each student’s emotional and social well-being, character attributes, physical and health awareness, critical thinking, problem solving, and fundamental life skills.  We present a safe and inviting atmosphere, balanced nutrition, and treat each child with love and respect by getting to know them personally.  To challenge each student at their own level, our teachers instruct in small group settings and individually assess each student in order to personalize their learning plan.

We consider the family to be the most important influence in a child’s learning experience.  Therefore, we believe in a cooperative and effective working partnership with our families that reinforces the student’s learning both at home and at school.  We openly communicate and work with our families concerning each student’s educational needs and provide resources that benefit the entire family.

Foundations Academy at Towne Lake’s owners, Jason and Amanda Bone, bring an extensive background working with children, focusing on their education and development.  Amanda has been in early childhood education since 2006 as an elementary school teacher in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD teaching 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.  She grew up in a home where her parents provided foster care to children and has had a heart for childcare and child development ever since she can remember.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Texas A&M University.  Jason started his career in banking and finance and brings experience as a national organizational leader in Royal Rangers, a international mentoring ministry for boys and young men.  His passion is to help children and young people succeed while being given proper education and training. Jason graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management from Texas A&M University.